Course list

310-PPB-AA Description of Police Functions in Indigenous Communities in Quebec

310-PC1-AA Communication and Observation Techniques

310-PDA-AA Roles and Responsibilities of Police in Indigenous Communities in Quebec

107-PS1-AA Remote Location Emergency Care

109-PEA-AA Physical Skills of Police Work 1

109-PE2-AA Defence Against Physical Assault

310-PD2-AA Police Intervention During Minor Incidents or Situations of a Private Nature

310-PPC-AA Specialized Police Communication Techniques in an Indigenous Context

310-PD3-AA Penal Offences

109-PE3-AA Defence During Hand-to-Hand Combat

310-PC2-AA Criminology and Police intervention

310-PC3-AA Police Interaction with Persons Afflicted by a Mental Health or Substance Abuse Problem

310-PP3-AA Road Safety Intervention

310-PP4-AA Planned Operations and Intervention During Different Emergency Situations

310-PDB-AA Police Powers and Duties

310-PC4-AA Intervention strategies

310-PP5-AA Criminal Investigations and Crime Scenes

310-PP6-AA Intervention Related to Impaired Driving

310-PP7-AA Traffic and Traffic Accident Investigations

310-PP8-AA Police Intervention in a Crisis Situation

109-PEB-AA Physical Skills of Police Work 2

310-PPD-AA Police Intervention Related to Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs or Other Substances

310-PD5-AA Proof of Criminal Offences and Testifying in Court

310-PP0-AA Defensive Driving of a Vehicle

310-PPA-AA Controlling an Individual with Violent Behaviour