081.05 - Springboard to a Diploma of College Studies – First Nations

Are you a First Nations student and do not really know in which program you should register? Maybe you do not feel well prepared for college studies, you are worried about your academic success or cannot gain immediate access to a chosen program.

How does it work?

You may register for the First Nations DCS Springboard for a maximum of two semesters. Courses are chosen according to your path and needs.

After the first year of college studies, you will have the opportunity to pursue your pathway according to the project that you will have determined. You must necessarily present an Application for Admission in a program of studies if you wish to pursue them at the college level.

No specific courses


109-10x-MQ     Physical Education
345-101-MQ     Knowledge (Humanities 1)
602-10x-MQ     French (Second Language)
603-101-MQ     Introduction to College English
XXX-XXX-XX   Complementary course 1

109-102-MQ     Fitness
345-102-MQ     World Views (Humanities 2)
603-102-MQ     Literary Genre
XXX-XXX-XX    General complementary course 2

You will determine the number of courses to take in agreement with your API (academic advisor).

Secondary-school level courses that will allow you to complete your diploma are offered in partnership with the Kitci Amik First Nations Adult Education Centre. Any student who has an academic file that presents 10 missing units or less is eligible. You have two semesters to finish your SSD or HSD as you begin your college studies. We’re waiting for you!

Applications for Admission to the Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue are completed online through the SRAM website: admission.sram.qc.ca. Choose the Springboard to a DCS — First Nations option.

All general education courses that were successfully completed are  recognized in college programs.