• 081.05 Access to College First Nations
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  • 081.05 Access to College First Nations
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  • 081.05 Access to College First Nations
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Usually, “Access to College” lasts two semesters. The course titles will change from a semester to another according to student’s progress and needs. At the end of “Access to College”, the student will carry on with the plan he made for the future through the support activities.


This list of courses is provided for information purposes only. The academic advisor will assist the students in identifying the number of courses and course titles that they will need to attend in order to reach their options.

General education courses

109-10x-MQ     Physical education
345-101-MQ     Knowledge (Humanities 1)
602-10x-MQ     French (second language)
603-101-MQ     Introduction to college English
XXX-XXX-XX   Complementary course 1

109-104-MQ     Physical education
345-103-MQ     World views (Humanities 2)
601-102-MQ     Literary genres
XXX-XXX-XX    General complementary course 2



Students who have determined which program they wish to register for may choose a general complementary course from a list of options.


Our partnership with the Adult Education Center of Lac Simon allows us to offer high-school level courses right here on campus. It is a great opportunity for you to complete your diploma while taking college level courses at the same time. To be part of this project, the units missing should not exceed 10.

Admission procedures
Applications for admisson to Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue are completed online through the SRAM at : sram.omnivox.ca

  • Choose : Springboard to DSC


Admission requirements

  • No specific requirement

Student profile

  • This program is available to you provided that:
  • you are a First Nations student;
  • you are missing 10 units or less for your High school diploma;
  • you are not quite certain which program you wish to register for;
  • you feel that you are not ready for collegial studies or you are worried about your chances of succeeding;
  • you cannot immediately access the program of your choice due to one of the following reasons:
  • you were turned down;
  • program is not open to admissions;
  • you have yet to complete certain high-school prerequisites;
  • you are not ready to register immediately for various reasons.